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18 February 2012 @ 08:48 pm
fic: Mike, the Lamest Werewolf Ever (1/3)  
Title: Mike, the Lamest Werewolf Ever
Author: sillysillykira
Part: 1 of 3
Beta: asherxslasher
Fandom: Suits
Rating: PG-13
Pairings&Characters: Harvey/Mike (w/ Jessica, Donna, Rachel, Jenny, Louis, and Mike's grandmother)
Word Count: ~8,100 / 16,500
Summary: Mike is a werewolf. Harvey finds out. Harvey's not sure what he expected out of a real-life werewolf, but it definitely wasn't this. There should be more snarling, less whimpering and begging for treats. More foaming at the mouth, less rolling over for tummy scratchies. More stoic hunter, less making Harvey fall in lo- Wait a minute. Dammit, Mike!
Warning: Slash (Pre-slash here in Part One). Naughty words. Unintentional self-harm. Fluff.
AN: I've only seen a few episodes of Suits, so if you think my rendition of the boys is OoC, you may be right. Concrit is welcome, but be warned, that means constructive criticism, and if you're being an asshat (“I hate your face.”, “Your story's stupid. Goodbye.”), I will not hesitate to delete you.
All that aside, thank you for flying Air Kira, and please enjoy the fic.

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