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21 August 2015 @ 01:04 pm
teen wolf: fic: heartless || unrated || stiles/derek  
Title: heartless
Author: candycanearms
Rating: none
Genre and/or Pairing: Stiles/Derek, Sterek, Soulmate AU, hearts
Warning: Removable hearts, asexuality, Stiles is Unmarked, It might be a little graphic in that hearts are detachable, and there is a scene where one that's been cut open has to be sewn back together.
Spoilers: noned
Work Count: 3276
Notes: The idea for this came about from my over-active imagination being overly tired and listening to Howl by Florence and the Machine. One line, really, is what sparked this: "drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart." Yeah, you know the one. Although there are no tasting of hearts or dragging of teeth in this, so.
Summary: "Where's your heart?" Scott asks with wide eyes. They're nine, almost ten, and he's never met anyone without a heart before.

Stiles shrugs and pulls his shirt back down before Scott can see that he’s soulless too. “My mom has it.” He doesn’t elaborate, doesn’t have to.


Stiles is born with a large heart. It spills over the hollow of his chest.

His mother smiles, tells him it’s a good thing. Means he’s a lover, a protector, that whoever shares the mark on the other side of his heart, the brand hidden in the shadow of his chest cavity, will be very blessed to receive so much love.

When he’s five, when his mother shows him with shaking hands how to hold his heart properly, he stands on the stepstool in the bathroom, heart in his hands, and looks between the reflections of his toothbrush and the hand soap at his own, moves so that the vanity lights above the mirror can shine into his darkness.

He cries and runs for his parents, sitting with stressed smiles in the kitchen. It’s the first and the last time he drops his heart. It lays for long minutes at the bottom of the stairs, bruised from where he dropped it halfway down. His dad picks it up for him, holds it in his strong hands while Stiles cries into Claudia’s shoulder.


(The first thing Stiles asks about, after convincing Scott that yes, werewolves are totally a thing, is if his heart is different. It’s not, and neither is his mark, and for some reason, Stiles feels a little let down.)