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Asexual-friendly Fanfiction
Hello and welcome!

You're probably thinking right now that ace-friendly fanfiction isn't hard to find. You just look for the PG-13 rating, right? Well, after several unexpected encounters with non-friendly material despite rating I discovered this wasn't always the case. And, having become tired of not being able to read anything but gen-fic to guarantee "safety", and discovering (much to my disbelief) that there weren't any comms specifically for asexual fanfiction I took matters into my own hands.

So here we go.

To clarify: the idea of this comm is to bring together fanfiction pieces that can be as shippy as you like but don't include sex / acts. The characters don't have to be asexual themselves but this way writers and readers from all fandoms can feel safe in the knowledge that anything posted here isn't going to "go there"!

If this is going to work then, although I don't want to patronise you with rules as such (I reckon you're all sensible enough to comply with common decency), I do think we're going to need some tagging and posting guidelines as this is fandom non-specific.

Posting Guidelines

1. When you post please specify the fandom, genre, and pairing.

2. If there are any language warnings/the like needed than please specify them quite cleary when you post

3. I'm not going to insist on summaries (because I find them hard to write myself) but they are often useful

4. If the length is a considerable factor then it's worth mentioning that yours is actually a saga rather than a drabble, but that's not a requirement.

So, a post should look roughly something like thus (although some of the tags won't be necessary for all posts)...

Title: Magical Mystery Tour
Author: emsana
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Notes/Warnings: Language.
Summary: Holmes loses his violin?! (Well, I don't know!)

(With recs you can be a little less vigilant.)

Tagging Guidelines

1. Please, please, please ALWAYS tag any fanfiction posts.

2. When you post please ensure you include the following subtags genre and character/pairing.

For example, if I'd just written a romantic piece of Kirk/McCoy from Star Trek then I would need the following tags...

star trek xi: romance
star trek xi: kirk/mccoy

I'm trialing this for now and if we discover that there is a need for further tags then we'll go there.

Recs/requests: As of yet I'm going to say recs and requests are allowed although I'm not going to guarantee their success! If it gets out of control though, this may well change. And if you're cross-posting something over here that another author has written it's probably worth getting their permission first, n'est pas?

I doubt there's any assumption otherwise but, just to clarify: We are a slash friendly community. Yesh.

If anyone else is interested in moderating as well then please volunteer - I am VERY new to moderating and advice/help is very welcome! :P

Most of all ENJOY!